DEL Language Fair 2022 + Local TDK round in English linguistics

2022, April 22 - 16:00

We are inviting our students and anyone interested to join our linguistics symposium.
Everybody is welcome!

• Pick an interesting linguistic problem: any language is welcome!
• Feel free to consult department members of DEL if you think you need help preparing.
• Submit your presentation on the website or e-mail it directly to Péter Szűcs by April 18 12:00 pm. You may also send us a featured picture for your post, if you want one.
• Present the topic of your choice on 22 April live. (Details are coming soon.)
• Please send us a very brief summary of your presentation (~1–3 lines, this will appear in the blog post)
• All submissions will be posted to the 2022 Presentations section of the DEL Language Fair website. Participants are encouraged to discuss, comment, and provide feedback on the submissions.

For more, see the Language Fair's website and the Facebook event.


This year, our Language Fair is combined with the following event:

KTDK 2022
Are you interested in testing your writing, research, and presentation skills in a national competition for university students? If yes, please consider participating in the OTDK 36 competition next year ( In preparation for this challenge, the individual institutes of the Faculty of Humanities always organize a "local" round a year before the national one to provide students with feedback on their academic output and presentation skills in a familiar and supportive environment. Please join us on Wednesday (2 March) at noon for about a 30-minute info session, where you can learn more about OTDK and ask your questions. See you there!
A few details in advance:
- the topic of your project can be your thesis topic
- you can apply if you are a foreign student, a final-year student, or an Erasmus exchange student
- you need a supervisor for your topic, who can be any instructor or PhD student of IEAS


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