American Studies specialization - BA

The American Studies specialization (also known as American Studies track) is one of three options for students to choose from in the third year of their studies within the English Studies BA training program at the University of Debrecen. The specialization requires the completion of 50 credits of core courses in American Studies, which is acknowledged by a diploma supplement as part of the final degree certificate.

The full BA program consists of a total of 180 credits, comprised of 120 core credits, plus 50 credits of studies for a “minor” degree in another subject, or another 50-credit specialization, plus 10 elective credits. The 50 credits of the American Studies specialization are included within the 120 core credits of the BA program.

The 50 credits of the American Studies specialization are completed between the 3rd and 6th semesters. (Courses offered in the 3rd and 4th semesters are mandatory for all students in English Studies.)

The program in the specialization concludes with a so called Module Closing Examination (2 credits out of the 50). To complete the written part of the exam, students are expected to submit a paper which they have written during the course of their BA program in the length of 5-12 pages. The paper must be written in English, and it can be a take-home essay for a seminar, a chapter of a BA thesis which can be read as a stand-alone study, or part of an OTDK research paper. The submitted work should be selected so as to reflect the candidate’s professional merits and their area of interest within the field of American Studies.

The oral component of the examination is a 15-20-minute exam session, which aims to test the candidate’s expertise in the field of American Studies based on the paper they have submitted. The language of the exam session is English.

As a continuation of the BA training, the North American Department offers an MA-level program in American Studies comprised of 120 credits in core and elective courses. This two-tier system is the foundation of the North American Literature and Culture Doctoral (PhD) Subprogram within the Doctoral School of Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Debrecen.

Updated: 2021.01.31.

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