Talk by Antonio Medina-Rivera (DAB Nyelvészeti Esték online)

2021, November 18 - 18:00

Az esemény nyelve angol.
The language of this event is English.

Antonio Medina-Rivera, PhD
(Cleveland State University)

Language perceptions and language attitudes in Puerto Rican Spanish

Although other European languages (e.g. German, Portuguese) evolved from having an alveolar multiple vibrant to a velar or uvular sound,  Puerto Rican Spanish is the only Spanish dialect with a dorsal variant of multiple vibrant /r/. The multiple vibrant can appear as two “r” in the middle of a word (e.g. carro  [káro]), at the beginning of a word (rosa [rósa]), and after “l,” “s” or “n”  (alrededor, Israel, Enrique).  This study examines the standard alveolar pronunciation of multiple vibrant (r) vs. the non-standard dorsal pronunciation variant (velar or uvular) in Puerto Rican Spanish. The sample for this study comes from a Facebook Comedy titled "Titi Gandinga". A total of five trained linguists and 80 Spanish speakers listened to the10 clips from the online show: seven clips included a non-standard pronunciation of (r) and three included a standard pronunciation. The analysis shows the perceptions of the linguists and how the perceptions of the other speakers are similar or different. In addition, the study includes a questionnaire in order to examine language attitudes toward the velarization/uvularization of the multiple vibrant /r/ in Puerto Rican Spanish.

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