Erasmus scholarships have been available both for students and academic staff at the Institute of English and American Studies for more than a decade. Since its inception the programme has been expanding continually. Currently we have effective student and/or staff mobility programmes with English, Finnish, German, Irish, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish, Croatian, Slovene, Czech, Slovakian, Spanish, Italian, Sardinian and Turkish universities. The contracts with the partner institutes are renewed every seven years and scholarships within the student mobility can be applied for twice a year (March and October).

Participating within the Erasmus exchange programme can offer several benefits for students. Studying abroad for a semester or two can provide students with a unique cultural experience and it can lend them a glimpse into the academic and social life of another university. What is more, as has been noted by students participating in the Erasmus programme, the flexibility and openness that the experience lent them greatly facilitated their finding a job after graduation.
There are certain criteria that candidates have to meet so as to become eligible for the scholarships. Most importantly, beside better than average grades, ambitions in the academic field beyond the general requirements are considered an advantage in the selection process.


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