Talent management



  • HISZK council member: Nóra Séllei
  • Group representative: Fruzsina Papp
  • Deputy group representative: Rebeka Kuszinger   

About the group:
The members of the English and American Study Group of the István Hatvani Extramural College are also part of the talent management programme of the Institute of English and American Studies. Besides their studies and research projects, they organise events, such as the well-received Thesis Writing Workshop, or the Public Speaking Workshop. They deliver talks at the student conferences of the Extramural College and publish papers in the annual handbook. It’s also not unusual for the members to organise conferences and publish their respective papers in their own volume.

Aktív tagok Témavezetőik
Balogh Iván Szathmári Judit
Bedő Hajnalka Ureczky Eszter
Budai Bettina Borus György
Kuszinger Rebeka Bényei Tamás
Ozsváth Eszter Moise Gabriella
Papp Fruzsina Bülgözdi Imola
Popovics Violetta Mathey Éva

Former members:

  • Feldmann Fanni
  • Lénárt-Muszka Zsuzsanna
  • Novák Zsófia
  • Rubóczki Babett
  • Szabó Éva
  • Visnyei Petra

Publication list of the members:
Joint handbook of the members, edited by Fanni Feldmann(En)Gendered Lives, István Hatvani Extramural College, University of Debrecen, 2016.

Upcoming volume: Adaptation: 21st-Century Perspectives

Events organised by the group:
2017. Fall – Thesis Writing Workshop
2018. Spring – Public Speaking Workshop
2018. Fall – Thesis Writing Workshop
2019. Spring – Enrollment orientation
2020. Spring - Adaptation: 21st-Century Perspectives Conference

Conferences organised by the (senior) members:
March 4, 2016. (En)Gendered Lives, Student Conference
January 26, 2018. Young Researchers of IEAS Workshop
February 7, 2019. Young Researchers of IEAS Workshop


Talent management at the Department of English Linguistics


Call for papers for students

Updated: 2021.02.01.

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