Talent management

The purpose of this page is to provide an overview of the opportunities and events offered by the talent management programs, scholarships and academic programmes operated by the University of Debrecen, the Faculty of Humanities, the Institute of English and American Studies, and other organizations.

Students' extracurricular research (TDK, OTDK)

Students' extracurricular research, or "TDK" has a long and glorious past at the IEAS of the University of Debrecen. This is the highest level of undergraduate and graduate scholarship. Both the student and his/her supervisor work in their free time to help the student write a research paper well above the standards of ordinary seminar essays. These papers compete at the biannual national conference (OTDK). The best writings are awarded and are also often published in academic journals. Participation at the OTDK is a major advantage at PhD entrance examinations.

Organised in every second year, recently in 16 sections of the National Conference of Scientific Students’ Associations (OTDK) – with the support of the Ministry of Education and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, as well as the moral and financial assistance of other relevant ministries and national bodies, is a scientific gathering during which the most outstanding scientific papers of the best university and college students are evaluated by boards of renowned Hungarian scientists and professors.

For current information and work related to the OTDK at the institute, see this page.

István Hatvani Extramural College

The István Hatvani Extramural College of the University of Debrecen is an interdisciplinary higher education center that aims to prepare the university's most talented, outstanding students for effective teaching and scientific research work.

  • István Hatvani Extramural College - English and American Study Group
    The members of the English and American Study Group of the István Hatvani Extramural College are also part of the talent management programme of the Institute of English and American Studies. Besides their studies and research projects, they organise events, such as the well-received Thesis Writing Workshop, or the Public Speaking Workshop. They deliver talks at the student conferences of the Extramural College and publish papers in the annual handbook. It’s also not unusual for the members to organise conferences and publish their respective papers in their own volume.

    Contact: angam.hatvani@gmail.com

István Pálffy College of Theatre Studies

The Faculty of Arts launched a special two-semester Hungarian-language program for any student of the University of Debrecen interested in the theory and practice of the theatre in 2007. The program consists of two kinds of seminars and workshops: 1.) theoretical discussions of various issues of the art of the theatre conducted by invited experts from all around Hungary and Europe; 2.) watching and analysing certain productions of the Csokonai Theatre, Debrecen, with the participation of one or two members of the production staff. Since the program works as a discussion seminar or workshop rather than lecturing, there is a quantitative limit of the participants. Therefore, applying students are selected on the basis of the quality of their essays written on their subjective analysis and/or experience of theatre. The program ends with a home essay either on one of the theoretical issues discussed during the academic year or on any of the theatre productions seen and analyzed within the program.

Bán Imre Extramural College

The Bán Imre Extramural College of Cultural Studies is one of the University of Debrecen’s workshops dedicated to the development of new talent, and as such – in collaboration with the university’s other colleges – it aims to implement and carry out the university’s extensive Talent Management Program.

The college’s primary goal is to provide its students with the necessary tools and guidance to help them deepen and extend their knowledge of their chosen field of cultural research. The college considers it its task to provide an organised environment for students to learn from UD and guest lecturers alike, while also encouraging independent research with the help of our tutors.

DETEP (University of Debrecen Talent Management Program)

DETEP is one of the talent management programs at UD. Students interested in research are encouraged to join this program to earn extra credits for their degree and receive a scholarship for producing research in the form of papers and/or conference presentations.

New National Excellence Program
This is a Hungarian state scholarship opportunity for students wishing to conduct research with a supervisor.

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