Academic Events

  • Our Institute works closely with American Corner Debrecen. In the framework of our IEAS goes to AC series, our colleagues visit AC to hold workshops or take part in panels related to American culture. For the list of these events, see this page.







    • 26 April Migrant Narratives and the City



    • 9-10 December ZOOM-3:Nemek és etnikumok terei a magyar filmben
    • September 2-3 IEAS Homecoming month
    • June 2-3 Popular Music in Eastern Europe Organizer: Department of British Studies
    • February 26-27 Gender, Translocality and the City in post-1945 Literary and Visual Culture


    • January 29-31 The Hungarian Society for the Study of English (HUSSE) organised its 12th Biennial Conference at the Institute of English and American Studies, University of Debrecen, with about 200 presentations in all fields of English Studies. 


    • July 22-25: ParGram/ParSem Meeting
    • July 18-20: The 18th International Lexical-Functional Grammar Conference


    • May 25-27: Debrecen Workshop on Argument Structure


    • March 28-31: ParGram/ParSem Meeting


    • Debrecen, November 11-13, 2010 Images of America - Responses to a Changing Social, Cultural, and Literary Landscape

    8th International Biennial HAAS Conference, organized by the Institute of English and American Studies of the University of Debrecen (North American Department) in cooperation with the Literary Scholarship Council of the Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Debrecen


    • 9th International Conference on the Structure of Hungarian

    Organized in part by the Department of English Linguistics of our Institute, this event provided a forum for linguists working on the Hungarian language. ICSH takes place every second year, once in Hungary, and once somewhere else in Europe or in America. You may be surprised to hear that there are quite a few non-native linguists who work on Hungarian, but that is actually the case. This biannual conference series has developed into a melting pot (or: salad bowl, if you please) of linguists of different persuasions who share an interest in our native tongue. The Debrecen conference was attended by participants from Hungary and from many other countries of the world (Canada, England, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, USA). Visit our website for more details.


    • Eastern Generative Grammar 2008 Summer School

    Generally known as the EGG school, the 2008 Eastern Generative Grammar Summer school was hosted by our institute. We had some 130 participants (teachers and students) from all over the world, plus twenty local students of linguistics involved in the organization, everbody being very enthusiastic about generative grammar and partying. Click here for some photos and more. Find EGG on Facebook.


    • Woman as Subject, the Female Subject

    An international conference in Hungarian. For a detailed programme click here The organiser and her team of student helpers

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