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We advise that you always check up-to-date semester information and course availability at the institute website. Thank you!

Academic programmes

Note that many courses require prerequisite courses in BA programme, so failure of the completion of basic ones results in a slower progress of your studies!

Further obligatory courses in BA and MA programmes

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Forms for graduate students

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can I turn my semester into active/passive in Neptun?
  2. How to register for/deregister from an exam in the Neptun? You can find information here.
  3. Deadlines for signing up for exams and cancelling exams
  4. I can't register for the exam what could be the problem?
  5. How can I pay via Neptun? Making Payments Via NEPTUN
  6. How many credits should I take in BA programme?
  7. How many credits should I take in MA programme?
  8. I could not register for a course on Neptun. What should I do?
  9. How can I deregister from a course?
  10. What specialization do we offer to our BA students?
  11. When should I apply for track or stream in BA program?
  12. How can I apply for a track or stream ? Download the necessary registration form here and submit it in the Institute Office 114.

Useful Links:

Rules and Regulations: https://www.edu.unideb.hu/p/rules-and-regulations


University webpage for international students: https://www.edu.unideb.hu/
Would you like to study Hungarian? Visit the website of Debrecen Summer School 

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