Business English Specialization

Choose this specialization if you would like to...

  • hear, read and productively use Business English
  • develop oral and written communication skills in English including
    • more effective business correspondence
    • the ability to make professional presentations
  • strengthen interpersonal communication skills, including the ability to work in teams
  • have a sound understanding of key concepts in business and economics
  • explore the language and workings of advertizing
  • improve your chances of getting a fine job

The duration of this BA specialization is 4 semesters. The EYE exam is a prerequisite to all courses that we offer in this specialization.

Important note! Students are asked to sign up for every single Business English course offered in Neptun in a given term, no matter what the table below shows, otherwise they may not be able to earn the required number of credits.

Code Subject Hours Requirement Credits Prerequisite Semester
BTAN25016BA An Introduction to the World of Business 2 exam 5 BTAN10009BA 3
BTAN25017BA Advertising 2 exam 5 BTAN10009BA 4
BTAN25018BA Regularities and Variations 2 exam 5 BTAN25016BA 5
BTAN27014BA Skills Development 2 grade 3 BTAN10009BA 3
BTAN35006BA English for Specific Purposes 2 grade 3 BTAN10009BA 3
BTAN25019BA Intercultural Communication 2 grade 3 BTAN10009BA 3
BTAN25005BA Business Correspondence 2 grade 3 BTAN10009BA 4
BTAN25003BA Resources for Business English 2 grade 3 BTAN10009BA 4
BTAN35019BA Real-Life Business 2 grade 3 BTAN10009BA 5
BTAN25007BA-K3 English in Advertising and the Media 2 grade 3 BTAN25016BA 5
BTAN25015BA Business Presentations 2 grade 3 BTAN25016BA 6
BTAN25002BA A Multimedia Course in Business English 2 grade 3 BTAN25016BA 6
BTAN37010BA Verbal and Visual Communication 2 grade 3 BTAN25016BA 6
BTAN35009BA Specialization Thesis ("Modulzáró dolgozat") 0 grade 5 BTAN10009BA 6

Semester by semester breakdown here

The following courses will sometimes be offered instead of a 3-credit course above that is not taught in a given semester. They will be offered depending on the availability of teaching staff:

Code Subject Hours Requirement Credits Prerequisite Semester
BTAN27001BA Introduction to Information Technology 2 grade 3 BTAN10009BA 3-6
BTAN27017BA Special Topics in Writing 2 grade 3 BTAN10009BA 3-6
BTAN25010BA The Terminology of Business English 2 grade 3 BTAN25016BA 3-6
BTAN35002BA The Internet for Business 2 grade 3 BTAN10009BA 3-6

To fulfil the program requirements, you have to complete 13 courses out of those listed above and submit a thesis ("modulzáró dolgozat" in Hungarian) on a topic that is related to the subject matter of a specialization course. You will earn 5 credits for each lecture course (3 lecture courses = 15 credits), 3 credits for each seminar (10 seminars = 30 credits), and 5 credits for the specialization thesis. These 50 credits also contribute to the 180 credits necessary to obtain the B.A. degree. The credit check is carried out at the end of your last semester in room 114.


In the last semester of the specialization training, you need to write a specialization thesis. Choose a supervisor, who must be a full-time member of the IEAS faculty, and negotiate a topic. Upon approval of the topic, you can take the course in the Neptun system (ask for help in room 114 during the sign-up period). The minimum length is 4000 words and there is a minimum requirement on the number of references, too: you must cite at least 5 works in your specialization thesis. Do not forget to add a plagiarism statement page to your thesis. More information about the specialization thesis is available here

The specialization thesis ("Modul closing specialisation thesis ") behaves like a normal course in Neptun. Final year students must observe the special deadlines that apply to all of their courses. Also ask your supervisor how much time he/she needs to read the thesis and give you a grade, and you must finish your work accordingly.

Once you have received your grade from your supervisor, send the entire document in PDF format to Attila Cserép.


You can view a slide show about this specialization from 2020 here.

If you have any questions, please contact the program coordinator Attila Cserép.

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