MA in English teacher training / part-time

Short description

With an extensive experience of training English teachers over several decades the Institute offers high-level courses for participants of the MA in English Teacher Training programme. Foundation and specialisation courses will give insights into Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, British and American culture and literature. In addition to learning about the system of language, various aspects of language in use and some aspects of English-speaking cultures, participants will learn about both the theory and practice of language learning and teaching. The part-time MA in English Language Teaching offers upgrading of qualifications to those who already hold a college-level teaching degree in English, or wish to earn an MA degree in English Teacher Training. The course lasts for 2-4 terms depending on the previous qualification of the student.

Degree: teacher of English language and culture

Participating departments:

The Department of English Language Pedagogy participates substantially in the English teacher training by offering theoretical and practical courses in Language Teaching Methodology and by providing support for the trainees’ school practices.

Objectives of the MA in English teacher training

The goal of the programme is to train teachers who, besides a full mastery of the English language, possess an acute awareness of the system of the English language, a thorough knowledge of the principles of second language teaching and learning, a wide repertoire of teaching techniques and a good understanding of the culture and history of English-speaking countries. Participants will also be capable of undertaking independent and original investigations at PhD level, especially in the area of language pedagogy.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements and the available courses can be found here (in Hungarian).

Further information

  • You can find the structure of the part-time MA in English teacher training here (only the courses taught by IEAS staff).
  • Students are required to submit a Teaching portfolio instead of a Thesis. You can check the requirements (in Hungarian) here.
  • With the exception of those students (who already hold an MA in English/American Studies) in the two-term course, you can find the comprehensive exam topics here.
  • Detailed information about the teacher training closing exam can be accessed here.
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