British and North-American Literature and Culture Study Programme


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The doctoral program structure follows the general pattern of two years' course work plus two research years. The research years set the requirement of three "defences": a thesis proposal defence at the end of the second year, a first chapter defence at the end of the third year and a second chapter defence by the end of the 4th year - all being preconditions for the "abszolutórium" (certificate of completion of doctoral course work).

Individual research and taught courses (usually called “thematic courses”) are equally important. The supervisor will help the student in individual research; for taught courses, you should always follow the instructions of the teacher.  

The programme keeps the number of required courses to the minimum. These are General Research Methods (1 credit), Presentation Skills (3 credits), Review Writing (3 credits), and (only for students in the American Sub-programme) Advanced American Studies (3 credits). For other credits to be taken, please consult the curriculum.  

In what follows you will find the most important checkpoints in the programme.  

At the end of the first year (the second semester) you will need to give a topic presentation, in which you outline your proposed thesis. By the end of the third semester you will need to have 90 credits and at least one publication (in addition to your publications before you started the programme). These will entitle you to sign up for the comprehensive exam at the end of the second year (the fourth semester). At the end of the third year (the sixth semester) you will need to defend a chapter of your thesis, and in the fourth year (either in the seventh or eighth semester) you will need to defend another chapter. Following these, you will need to submit the first version of your thesis for a preliminary defence, and then the revised and final version for the final defence. If this second defence is successful (and this needs to take place within a year after you finish your studies in the eighth semester), you will receive your Ph.D. degree.  


Dissertation proposal and chapter writing guidelines 


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