North American Department - Our MA program

MA in North American Studies

Short description: Disciplinary MA program in the broadly interpreted field of American Studies, with opportunities for specialization in ethnic and multicultural studies or american literature.

Launch date of the program: September 2009

Degree: MA (Master of Arts) in North American Studies

Length of the program:

  • number of semesters: 4
  • number of credits to be earned: 120
  • number of contact hours: 4 x 300 = 1200 (including consultations)


  • Ethnic and multicultural studies
  • American literature

Further information:

Thesis defense

i) the thesis supervisor includes two questions at the end of his/her written evaluation and the student is required to answer these in front of the defense committee

ii) the second reader: the chair of the department assigns a second reader who is competent in the field of the thesis; the second reader reads the submitted work and asks at least two questions from the student.

Admission exam:

The topic of the entrance interview will be any kind of subject within the field of North American Studies (such as linguistics, literary studies, cultural studies, or history) as specified by the candidate. The starting point of the interview will be a text formerly written by the candidate (e.g. a take-home essay or a chapter from her/his thesis), which s/he can choose freely. The candidate should be able to give a summary of her/his ideas in the text, speak about the sources used in it, and take part in a professional conversation following the summary. Candidates can submit their texts in advance, although they cannot score any extra bonus for it at the entrance interview. Those who wish to submit it can do so in person (University of Debrecen, Main Building, Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1., Room 114 on level 1), send it by post (Debrecen, DE Angol—Amerikai Intézet, pf. 400, 4010) or by e-mail (

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