Alumnus information

Dear Alumni!
The new website is intended to fulfill multiple functions: apart from informing our current and perspective students, it is a priority with us that this homepage should also function as a virtual space to keep together a community whose members may not know each other as they were not students at the same time, still - as we can so often hear - if they happen to meet anywhere in the world, they share memories as they all graduated as English majors from Debrecen.
We are fully aware that information technology and the internet offer a great variety of community spaces; nevertheless, with pleasure do we offer this website as a virtual meeting point, hoping that virtual meetings may even turn into real reunions. As a means of communication, you have the students' forum at your disposal, where we have opened a topic for our alumni ("volt hallgatók"): all you have to do is register - you are more than welcome.

Last update: 2023. 07. 31. 11:20