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Our Institute offers a wide range of MA programmes both in terms of subject areas and in the mode of teaching: we have an MA in English Studies, in American Studies, and in TEFL. The latter can be done full-time, part-time, and even by way of distance learning; shortly, we also hope to launch a distance-learning MA in English and American Studies. With this range of offers we mean to meet the demands of our students, and to serve the purpose of providing state-of-the-art knowledge in areas which coincide with the research areas of our highly qualified staff, who are committed to teaching as well. Our MA programmes have been developed with the aim to combine the demands of the job market with the requirements of high-standard scholarly research (and, thus, function as preparation for students interested in doing a Ph.D.). These programmes, at the same time, can flexibly adapt to the needs of various pools of students: they appeal to full-time students just finishing their BAs, and to mature students who can gain their part-time MA while carrying on with their jobs.

  • MA in English studies
    Our MA in English Studies programme comprises two independent tracks, from which prospective students should choose before the application process: "British literature and culture" & "English linguistics". Although formally they both parts of the MA in English studies programme, in actual practice, they are fully independent of each other. The detailed descriptions of these programmes are available at the links below.
  • MA in North American Studies
    Disciplinary MA program in the broadly interpreted field of American Studies, with opportunities for specialization in ethnic and multicultural studies or American literature.
  • MA in English teacher training / part-time
  • MA in translation and interpretation

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