Our former colleagues


  • Dr. Abádi Nagy Zoltán retired Professor Emeritus (1965-2010)
  • ✝ Dr. Korponay Béla (died in 2019) retired Professor Emeritus
  • Dr. Virágos Zsolt retired professor (1965-2012), doctor of HAAS
  • Dr. Bársony Olga retired associate professor (1978-2011)
  • Dr. Bertha Csilla retired associate professor (1990-2011)
  • Dr. Hollósy Béla retired associate professor (1973-2011)
  • Kissné dr. Gulyás Judit retired associate professor (1981-2011)
  • ✝ Dr. Lieli Pál (died in 2021) retired assistant professor (1993-2009)
  • Dr. Molnár Judit retired associate professor (1981-2020)
  • ✝ Dr. Mónos Katalin (died in 2015) assistant professor (1996-2015)
  • Dr. Németh Lenke retired associate professor (1995-2020)
  • Dr. Pelyvás Péter retired associate professor (1975-2011)
  • Dr. Sankó Gyula retired assistant professor (1996-2022)
  • Dr. Szaffkó Péter retired associate professor (1978-2013)
  • ✝ Dr. Varró Gabriella (died in 2014) associate professor (1992-2014)


List of visiting teachers, 1990-2014


  • Robert J. Bearce (academic year of 2019-20) English Language Fellow (USIS)
  • Dr. Jim Casey (spring semester 2019) Fulbright-professor, Arcadia University, Philadelhia (USA)
  • Larissa Peltola (spring semester 2019) Fulbright Assistant
  • Dr. Leah Marie Perry (fall semester 2017) Fulbright-professor, SUNY-Empire State College
  • Dr. Paul D. Mayle (spring semester 2017) Fulbright-professor, Mount Vernon Nazarene University (Mount Vernon, Ohio, USA)
  • Susanne Inger Liaw (academic year of 2015/16) Fulbright Teaching Assistant
  • Dr. Kenneth R. Stevens (fall semester 2014) Fulbright-professor, Fort-Worth, Texas, USA
  • Steven Fischer (fall semester 2014), Fulbright specialist, Emmy-award nominated producer
  • Dr. Daniel Ding (fall semester 2013) Fulbright-professor, Ferris State University (Big Rapids, Michigan, USA) 
  • James W. Oberley (spring semester 2013) Fulbright-professor
  • Johanna Granville (fall semester 2011) Fulbright-professor
  • Dr. Richard Wayne Griffin (spring semester 2011) Fulbright-professor, Ferris State University (Big Rapids, Michigan, USA)
  • Scott H. Huffmon (fall semester 2009) Fulbright-professor
  • Margaret M. Manchester (fall semester 2008) Fulbright-professor
  • Murray R. Nelson (academic year of  2007/2008) Fulbright Országh Chair
  • Charles Sullivan III (spring semester 2008) Fulbright-professor
  • Donald T. Wesling (spring semester 2007) Fulbright Országh Chair
  • Esther Thyssen (academic year of 2006/2007) Fulbright-professor
  • David L. Vanderwerken (spring semester 2005) Fulbright-professor
  • Reinhold Hill (fall semester 2004) Fulbright-professor
  • David Canon (academic year of  2003/2004) John Marshall Chair
  • Richard K. Scher (academic year of  2002/2003) John Marshall Chair
  • Aurora Pineiro Carballeda (academic year of  2002/2003) Mexican visiting teacher
  • Dr. John J. Jablonski (academic year of 2002/2003) Fulbright-professor, Ferris State University (Big Rapids, Michigan, USA), Professor Emeritus
  • John P. Resch (academic year of  2001/2002) Fulbright-professor
  • Roger H. Davidson (fall semester 2001) John Marshall Chair


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