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Why pursue North American Studies?
The major role of the United States in global politics and economy is unquestionable. The European Higher Education Area also sets out the European Union's objectives for a competitive higher education, economy and science in relation to the USA, and fundamentally seeks to broaden and deepen its relationship with the United States. In order to meet these new needs, it is no longer sufficient to acquire standard language proficiency, as the labor market privileges experts who not only speak English for the special purposes of their professional field, but are also familiar with the history, culture, and socio-political environment of the United States.

To whom do we recommend North American Studies?
We highly recommend the North American Studies specialization within the English Studies BA program to future English language teachers, as their job is not merely to teach vocabulary and grammar, but also to familiarize their students with the culture of the given language area. Students in elementary and secondary schools are especially interested in American (popular) culture, so it is advisable for teachers to acquire a substantial knowledge of such areas and incorporate it into their teaching. Besides inspiring students to learn the language more enthusiastically, the culture-based approach can also generate discussions about the basic topics of American democracy (the question of slavery, gender equality, freedom of religion, civil rights and duties, etc.), which can set students on a path to becoming broad-minded, sensitively thinking adults.

We also recommend American Studies to everyone who wishes to obtain both a dependable language proficiency and a substantial knowledge of American history and culture, which they can utilize in any profession they choose to pursue. Such knowledge can be successfully applied at multi-national companies and foundations with bilateral interests, as well as in international business ventures, the media, book publishing, diplomacy, international relations, tourism, project management, municipalities, and in all kinds of cultural activities.

Having completed their studies in the American Studies specialization of the BA program, our students can continue their studies in the teacher training MA program, or the American Studies MA program.

What subjects are offered in the North American Studies specialization?
Our courses encompass a wide range of subjects within the field of North American Studies: African-American and American Indian culture and literature, Canadian culture and literature, contemporary American literature, American culture and
institutions, US-Hungarian relations, American English, etc.

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