Learning environment

The Institute of English and American Studies, UD offers and ideal environment for those who do not want to spend their university years in a metropolitan city, yet they want to be at a place where everything is available they need: both a whirling student life and contemplation for studies. UD, with its thirty thousand students, its fascinating and impressive main building and central campus creates an environment whose atmosphere touches even those in whose life all this has been a daily presence for ages. The majestic internal and external spaces of the main building, which abounds in intimate corners as well, is amply complemented by a genuine 21st-century campus with its constantly improving and extending facilities and services (including a computer centre and high-level IT services). But if you are longing for a romantic experience, you can go for a stroll either in the neighbouring Great Woods, or in the botanical gardens of the university.

The "home" of the English majors occupies one half of the first floor in the main building: this is a place of envy by many because leaving the refurbished classrooms that are equipped with the most modern technology as teaching aid, students enter the heart of the main building: the the circular gallery around the ceremonial courtyard. The "English corridor" behind the glass doors, at the same time, provides a space for a close community of English majors to be organised. They are not only organised, though, but also organise: students' conferences, English majors' parties in Sikk Music Café, long-weekend trips to the university's research cottage in the mountains, Halloween parties and the Debrecen Drama Festival, which is far and wide the only drama festival in English for university students. All in all: students of English do anything and everything so that they have cherishable memories from their university life.

When it comes to studying, the second biggest library of the country (DEENK), the only national library apart from National Széchényi Library is at students' disposal, with its collection of several million volumes. A matching part of DEENK is the Institute Library, with its forty thousand volumes (the significance of which is amply indicated by how frequently our books are requested by interlibrary loan services), and with its newly refurbished reading room. And if you wish to learn more, or something different from, classroom lectures, you can visit the American Corner and listen to the lectures given by guest lecturers from abroad.

Next to the main building, you can find three halls of residence: one recently built, and two newly refurbished; all of them offering up-to-date accommodation and "proper" student life to students whose home is otherwise not in Debrecen; as yet another alternative, you can be a privileged lodger in what in Hungary counts as a luxury hall of residence: Campus Hotel. But if you prefer to have a room of your own off campus, there are plenty to choose from, and some of them at prestigious locations close to the university, in the Great Woods.

The old and the new campus together cater for all the needs of the mind and the body. The tracks and fields of the central campus (football, athletics, tennis, etc.) is complemented by the new indoor swimming pool, a favourite training camp location for the Hungarian swimmers' Olympic team. The heart of the new campus, however, is the Lovarda ("The Stables"), which gained its name from the historic fact that the building used to serve as the stables for the cavalry barracks; today, though, it has become the place of the greatest parties and of memorable concerts.

Debrecen itself, the second biggest and perhaps most dynamically developing city of the country, welcomes you with multiplex cinemas, with an art cinema that frequently hosts national film premieres, with Csokonai Theatre and its several stages for performance, and with exhibitions and other events of world standard. The exhibitions in MODEM are of a level that could meet the expectations in any European city, but you can also pick your choice from the art and music events of the adjacent building, Kölcsey Centre. And if you wish to go to a megaconcert or to an international sports event, Főnix Hall will surely have something on offer for you.

Last update: 2023. 07. 31. 10:28