Introduction - Department of English Language Pedagogy

The Department of English Language Pedagogy (DELP) plays a substantial role in the training of English majors in the Institute of English and American Studies It also contributes to research acitivities within the institute in the field of language pedagogy by investigating especially the relationship between teacher identity and teacher training, language learning spaces, language learner profiles. We offer courses in applied linguistics both at BA and MA levels, including courses in second language acquisition, language testing, as well as the use of information technology in language learning. We also run various courses in English language teaching methodology, and provide trainees support in their teaching practice.

DELP is responsible for designing and administering in-house proficiency examinations: the diagnostic language test in English for 1st-year students, called DEtect and the English Yardstick Exam (the EYE for short), which is necessary for students to pass in order to be able to start specific courses in the BA and the teacher training MA programmes.

DELP maintains a close link with the mentor teachers of the demonstration schools of the university. A manifestation of this cooperation was reflected in the RE-PE-T-HA project of TÁMOP-4.1.2, in the project entitled "Formulating the research base and linguistics foundation of a new type of language teaching program in English and German" and more recently the Erasmus+ TALE Project.

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