English Language Pedagogy Working Group/RE-PE-T-HA Project

The RE-PE-T-HA project of TÁMOP-4.1.2 (2011)

Some members of the English Language Pedagogy Working Group took part in the RE-PE-T-HA project of TÁMOP-4.1.2-08/1/B-2009-0001(Regionális Pedagógusképző- és Továbbképző Hálózat [és Adatbázis az Észak-alföldi Régióban – Regional Pre- and In-service Teacher Training Network and Database in the North-Eastern Region) in 2010 and 2011. As a result, new teacher training materials were produced, incorporating video-taped English language classes recorded in Kossuth Lajos Grammar School and Kossuth Lajos Primary School, two of the practice schools of Debrecen University.




Thanks to the RE-PE-T-HA project, the IEAS infrastructure was also expanded with two Interactive Smart Boards.

The team organised two mini-conferences for mentor teachers and practicing teachers of English, and workshops for colleagues at IEAS to disseminate the project outcomes.


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