British literature and culture subprogramme


PhD in Modern British cultures and literatures

Programme DirectorDr. György Kalmár, PhD, Reader




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For Stipendium Hungaricum applicants 
I.How to apply to our programme – admission procedure
(0) Once the research field has been identified, a prospective supervisor is appointed by the doctoral programme.
Before approaching any staff member, please check their websites to make sure that s/he is working in a field that is relevant to your proposed research. The prospective supervisor will be approved and assigned by the doctoral programme. Please note that this might take some time. (1) Candidates will be working with their prospective supervisor on a research plan of approximately 1200 words, with clearly stated research objectives. The research plan must be completed by the application deadline. Please note that this research plan is not identical with whatever research plan you have to upload into your Stipendium Hungaricum application to meet a formal requirement; this is a research plan that you will have been working on with your prospective supervisor. Please note that the letter of support sent by us early in 2019 to facilitate your application procedure does not mean that admission is guaranteed: it simply means that there is a staff member who has undertaken to work with the applicant on her/his research plan. Applicants are also advised that we need time to read their draft proposals and any other materials.
(2) The research plan and other submitted materials (academic cv, list of publications, the publications themselves) will then be assessed by the admission board of the doctoral programme. We have a strict plagiarism policy: please make sure that your documents are free of plagiarism and any other forms of academic misconduct. Plagiarism will result in instant exclusion from the procedure. (3) Applicants whose applications are approved by the admission panel will be interviewed on skype. (4) The final decision concerning admission is made on the basis of the submitted package and the interview. When working on the research plan, applicants must already bear in mind that, by the end of the doctoral training, candidates are expected to produce a book-length dissertation that contains original research of high quality. All dissertations undergo strict quality control complying with international standards.


For applicants from Hungary or the EU Doctoral studies may be pursued in one of the following three categories. 1. Full-time status entitling doctoral students to a stipend. Employees of the university or persons in the same status may be granted full-time status while maintaining their employment. 2. "Part-time" status, which means that students are paying fees. Applicants must have a statement of support from their employers. Applying for "part-time" status does not preclude the option of simultaneously indicating preference for full-time status. 3. "Independent preparation" status: students are exempted from the requirement to attend courses; this option is available to applicants with a sufficient number of publications and a dissertation 70 per cent of which is completed. Before the submission of the 3/4 completed dissertation, the applicant has no legal status as a student of this university.

For information on application requirements, see below  

In the English and American Studies programme, the day reserved for courses, consultations, as well as for the defence of the dissertation proposal and the completed chapter, is Friday.

Doctoral students may be asked to teach in the undergraduate programme of the Institute.

Enrollment in the doctoral programme is subject to the payment of tuition as specified in the doctoral programmes regulations of the University of Debrecen. The current amount is 60,000 HUF per semester for students from EU member states, further details are available here.

For further information please write to Erika Kiss

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