Admission information - British and North American Literature and Culture Study Programme

(1) Master's degree in English language and literature obtained no later than June 30 of the current academic year.

(2) Within the doctoral program: a research proposal in English of at least 1200 words (5000 words in the case of the 'independent preparation' category), written in English, providing a clear outline of the proposed project. (Applicants for "independent preparation" status are also required to enclose with their application the table of contents and the already completed chapters of the proposed dissertation.)

(3) Certificates of language proficiency: near-native in English, (for Hungarian citizens) intermediate in another language

(4) Documents of academic activities: academic publications, TDK research papers that reached the last (national) round), cerificates of participation at professional forums (e.g., conference presentations). (In the case of pending publications, an editor's statement of acceptance is acceptable).

(5) Professional cv (with special regard to point 4 above)

(6) For graduates of other universities only: a copy of the MA thesis.

(7) An interview is to take place, focusing on the proposed research project and its cultural/literary contexts. The purpose of the interview is to assess the applicant's general knowledge and ability to pursue independent research.

Additional information is available from the Programme Secretary Ms Erika Kiss or the Programme Director Dr. István Rácz. Application forms are available at the mailing e-mail and home-page addresses below: Mailing address: Institute of English and American Studies, University of Debrecen, 4002 Debrecen, Pf. 400. Hungary.

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