Brigitta Ilona Hudácskó

Brigitta Ilona Hudácskó

Brigitta Ilona Hudácskó
assistant lecturer
Szervezeti egység
University of Debrecen, Faculty of Humanities, Institute of English and American Studies, Non-independent Department of British Studies
Központi telefonszám
4032 Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1.
Emelet, ajtó
floor 1, 104 (Lecturers’ room)




Office hours in the spring term: Monday 13-14; Tuesday 15-16




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Brigitta Hudácskó is a translator and a PhD student at the Doctoral School of Literature at the University of Debrecen. Her research interests include detective fiction, popular culture, and television studies. The title of her proposed dissertation is: “Sherlock Holmes in the War on Terror: Crime Dramas Featuring the Character of the Great Detective.”
















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