Dr. Balázs Venkovits

Dr. Balázs Venkovits

Dr. Balázs Venkovits
director of institute
Szervezeti egység
University of Debrecen, Faculty of Humanities, Institute of English and American Studies, Non-independent North American Department
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4032 Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1.
Emelet, ajtó
floor 1, 112 (Lecturers’ room)

Office hours: Wednesday, Thursday 9-10

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Balázs Venkovits is associate professor at the North American Department of the Institute of English and American Studies. He is the director of the institute, the Canadian Studies Centre, and the Center for International Migration Studies. He earned his degree from the University of Debrecen in 2007, was awarded a Ph.D. in 2014 and completed his habilitation in 2021. Among others, he has won OTKA (2022-26), Jedlik (2013-14), JFK Research Fellowship (2013) and Fulbright (2010-2011) grants. His academic interests include travel writing studies, migration studies, 19th-century Hungarian travel accounts on Mexico and the United States, US-Hungarian relations, Hungarian emigration to North America, Hungarian immigration to Canada in the 1920s. His papers have been published in Hungary, the US, Mexico, Poland, the UK, and France. He has international teaching experience in Romania, the UK, and Germany. He teaches courses on US culture, history as well as translation studies.

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