The journal stock currently consists of 161 titles received through acquisition, as gifts or via national or international exchange partnerships. The years or volume numbers of print copies can be found in the table below, ask assistance from your librarians to have access to journal issues.

Full-text articles and/or bibliographic data for most of the titles are indexed in databases available at the university, in some cases full-text archives are provided on the publisher's website, links under 'Availability' direct you to relevant websites, databases.


Title Year Availability
Abei Journal  2000-2003 Full text: Journal Website
Acta Neophilologica Ljubljana 1968-2018 Full text: Journal Website
African American Review 1992-2007 Full text: ProQuest and JStor
Alkalmazott Nyelvészeti Közlemények 2006-2007 Full text: Journal Website
American Indian Culture & Research Journal 1991-1996 Bibliographic Records: ProQuest
American Indian Quarterly 1992-2006 Full text : ProQuest and JStor
American Literary Scholarship 1979-2004 Print Only: Lib101
American Literature 1929-2007

Full Text to 1999:  JStor ; to 2000: ProQuest

American Quarterly 1958-2010 Full text: ProQuest, Full Text to 2015: JStor
American Studies / Amerikastudien 1974-2007 Print Only: Lib101
American Studies International 1971-2004 Full Text to 2004: ProQuest
American Studies International Newsletter 1983-1996 Print Only: Lib101
American Studies Newsletter 1991-1993 Print Only: Lib101
Anachronist, The 1996-2011 Full Text: Journal Website
Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics 2003-2006 Print Only: Lib101
Antigonish Review, The 1998-2009 Full Text: ProQuest
Applied Linguistics 1995-2018 Full Text (Campus Access): Journal Website
Ariel: A Review of International English Literature 2001-2012 Print Only: Lib101
Australian Drama Studies 1986-2006 Print Only: Lib101
B.A.S.: British and American Studies 1996-2005 Full Text from 2005: Journal Website
Blake: An Illustrated Quarterly 1991-2002 Print Only: Lib101
Books in Canada 1987-2007 Print Only: Lib101
Boundary 2 1980-2004 Bibliographic Records: ProQuest (full text to 2000)
British Journal of Canadian Studies 1986-1999 Full text to 2018: ProQuest
Canadian Literature 1984-2013 Full text from 2001: ProQuest  ; Full Text: Journal Website
Canadian Theatre Review 1974-2009 Bibliographic Records: ProQuest
Cognitive Linguistics 1991-2014 Print Only: Lib101
College English 1989-2001 Full Text: JStor
Comparative Drama 1985-2018 Full Text from 1994: ProQuest ; Full Text from 1967 to 2017: JStor
Comparative Literature 1992-1996 Full Text to 2009: ProQuest
Comparative Literature Studies 1993-2018 Bibliographic Records: ProQuest
Connotations 1997-1999 Full Text: Journal Website
Conradiana 1968-2015 Full Text to 2018: ProQuest ; Full text 1968-2017: JStor
Contemporary Literature 1974-2001 Full Text from 1968 to 2015: JStor ; Bibliographic Records: ProQuest
Critical Quarterly 1962-1977 Full Text: Wiley Online Library
Critique 1991-1999 Bibliographic Records: ProQuest (full text to 2010)
Daedalus 1972-1988 Full Text from 1955 to 2015: JStor ; Bibliographic Records: ProQuest
Denver Quarterly 1973-2018 Print Only: Lib101
Discourse Processes 1982-2007 Full Text: Taylor & Francis Online ; Bibliographic Records: ProQuest
Drama Review, The 1974-1992 Full Text from 1968 to 1987: JStor
Economist 1970-2006 Print Only: Lib101
Eger Journal of American Studies 1993-2014 Print Only: Lib101
Eger Journal of English Studies 1996-2018 Print Only: Lib101
Eighteenth Century, The 1992-1999 Full Text from 1979 to 2017:  JStor
ELH 1968-1971 Full Text to 2015: JStor ; Full Text from 2002: ProQuest
ELT Journal 1959-2012  Bibliographic Records: ProQuest
Encounter 1961-1990 Print Only: Lib101
English Historical Review, The 2002-2008 Full Text: JStor
English Language and Linguistics 1997-2014 Print Only: Lib101
English Teaching Professional 1996-2006 Print Only: Lib101
Essays on Canadian Writing 1991-2000 Full Text: Ebsco
Essential Teacher 2003-2007 Print Only: Lib101
European Review of Native American Studies 1987-2001 Print Only: Lib101
Even Yearbook, The 1994-2004 Full Text: Journal Website
Explicator 1965-1972 Full Text (1988-2010): ProQuest
Extrapolation 2002-2012 Full Text: Proquest before 2012after 2012
Filológiai Közlöny 1956-2014 Print Only: Lib101
Focus: Papers in English Literary and Cultural Studies 2000-2018 Print Only: Lib101
Fordítástudomány 1999-2018 Print Only: Lib101
Forum (English Teaching Forum) 1980-2006 Print Only: Lib101
Foundation 1998-2016 Print Only: Lib101
Foundations of Language 1972-1976 Full Text from 1965 to 1976: JStor
Guardian Weekly, The 1992-2004 Print Only: Lib101
Helikon 1963-2018 Print Only: Lib101
Hungarian Studies Newsletter 1973-2000 Print Only: Lib101
International Journal of Canadian Studies 1990-2010 Print Only: Lib101
International Journal of Corpus Linguistics -1996 Print Only: Lib101
International Journal of Lexicography 1998-1999 Print Only: Lib101
Irish Literary Supplement 1994-2008 Full Text: Boston College Libraries Archive
Irish Review, The 1998-2012 Full Text from 1986 to 2016: JStor
Irish Studies Review 1999-2006  Print Only: Lib101
Irish University Review 1984-2018 Full Text from 1970 to 2015: JStor
Jahrbuch für Amerikastudien 1956-1973 Full Text: JStor
James Joyce Quarterly 1997-2018 Full Text from 1963 to 2015: JStor ; Bibliographic Records: ProQuest
JEGP: Journal of English and Germanic Philology 1966-2007 Full Text: JStor
Journal of American Culture, The 1978-2006 Full Text: Wiley Online Library ; ProQuest
Journal of American History, The 1991-2010 Full Text: ProQuest and JStor
Journal of Canadian Poetry 1984-1993 Print Only: Lib101
Journal of Canadian Studies 1993-2002 Full Text: ProQuest
Journal of Irish Literature 1972-1990 Print Only: Lib101
Journal of Modern Literature 1983-2006 Full Text from 1998: ProQuest
Journal of Popular Culture 1967-2008 Full Text: Wiley Online Library ; to 2005: ProQuest
Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts Vol. 7- Vol. 17 Print Only: Lib101
Language + LSA Bulletin (to 2005) 1989-2018 Full Text from 1925 to 2015: JStor
Language in Society 1997-2006 Full Text from 1972 to 2015: JStor ; ProQuest
Language Learning 1964-2010 Full Text: Wiley Online Library
Language Teaching 1968-2010 Full Text from 2002: ProQuest
Language Testing 1996-2004 Full Text to 2015 and Bibliographic Records from 1984: ProQuest
Linguistic Inquiry 1992-2019 Full Text from 1970 to 2015: JStor
Linguistica 2007-2016  Full Text from 2007: ProQuest
Linguistics and Philosophy 1979-2007 Full Text from 1977 to 2017: JStor
Literary and Linguistic Computing 1999-2006 Print Only: Lib101
London Review of Books 1996-2008 Full Text: Journal Website
Mainstream 1960-1963 Print Only: Lib101
Malahat Review, The 1967-1986 Print Only: Lib101
MELUS 1982-2006 Full Text from 1974 to 2017: JStor
Mémoirs de la Société Neophilologique de Helsinki 1969-2019 Print Only: Lib101
Modern Drama 1975-2012 Print Only: Lib101
Modern English Teacher 1982-2006 Print Only: Lib101
Modern Fiction Studies 1991-2009 Full Text from 1996: ProQuest  ; Full Text from 1955 to 2015: JStor
Modern Filológiai Közlemények 1999-2004 Full Text: Arcanum Digitális Tudománytár (ADT)
Modern Language Journal 1995-2004 Full Text from 1916 to 2017: JStor and Wiley Online Library
Modern Nyelvoktatás 1997-2012 ; 2015-2017 Full Text: Elektronikus Periodika Archívum (EPA)
Mosaic 1992-1999 Full Text: ProQuest
Nagyvilág 1966-2015 Print Only: Lib101
Neuphilologische Mitteilungen 1969-2019 Full Text from 1899 to 2017: JStor
New Hungarian Quarterly, The 1960-1973 Print Only: Lib101
New Scientist 1992-2004 Print Only: Lib101
New Statesman / Society 1992-2003 Full Text: ProQuest
New York Review of Books, The 2001-2019 Print Only: Lib101
New York Times Book Review 1964-2008 Full Text: ProQuest
Newsweek 1989-2012 Print Only: Lib101
Nineteenth-Century Literature 1962-2009 Full Text from 1986 to 2017: JStor
Novel: A Forum on Fiction 1979-2006 Full Text from 1967 to 2015: JStor
Odd Yearbook, The 1993-2003 Full Text: Journal Website
Papers in English and American Studies 1980-2009 Print Only: Lib101
Pázmány Papers in Eng. & Am. Studies 2001-2004 Print Only: Lib101
Philologica 2009-2011 Full Text: Journal Website
Plays and Players 1964-2000 Print Only: Lib101
PMLA 1908-2019 Full Text from 1889 to 2015: JStor
Poznan Studies in Contemporary Linguistics 1973-2008 Print Only: Lib101
Prairie Schooner 1969-2000 Print Only: Lib101
Prospects: An Annual of American Cultural Studies 1998-2005 Print Only: Lib101
REAL 1982-1996 Print Only: Lib101
Reviews in American History 1998-2006 Full Text from 1973 to 2015: JStor ; from 2002: ProQuest
Revue Francaise D'études Américanes 1981-1992 Full Text from 1976 to 2013 : JStor
Romanian Journal of English and American Studies 2007-2010 Print Only: Lib101
Saturday Night 1995-2005 Print Only: Lib101
Science Fiction Studies 1988-2012  Full Text: JStor
Scientific American 1999-2019  Print Only: Lib101
Second Language Research 2004-2009 Full Text from 1985 to 2017: JStor ; ProQuest
Shakespeare Jahrbuch 1968-1999 Print Only: Lib101
Shakespeare Quarterly 1958-1994 Full Text from 1988 to 2018: ProQuest
Shakespeare Survey 1958-2007 Print Only: Lib101
Spectator, The 1971-2006 Print Only: Lib101
Studia Anglica Posnaniensia 2002-2010 Full Text: Open Access
Studia Anglistica Upsaliensia 1971-1999 Print Only: Lib101
Studia Romanica &Anglica Zagrabiensia 1977-2012 ; 2015-2016 Print Only: Lib101
Studies in American Fiction 1981-2008 ; 2011-2016 Full Text: ProQuest
Studies in English and American 1971-1995 Print Only: Lib101
Studies in Romanticism 1991-2000 Full Text: JStor ; from 1997: ProQuest
Studies in Second Language Acquisition 1981-2017 Full Text: JStor
Studies in Short Fiction 1991-1998 Full Text: ProQuest
Studies in the Novel 1977-2006 Full Text to 2015: JStor
Studii de Limbi si Literaturi Moderne 1992-2002 Print Only: Lib101
Swanee Review, The 1968-1978 Print Only: Lib101
Syntax 1999-2006 Print Only: Lib101
System 2003-2005 Print Only: Lib101
TESOL Quarterly 1968-2008 ; 2012-2017 Full Text: JStor
Theatre Journal 1993-2007 Full Text: JStor
Times Literary Supplement 1990-2019 Print Only: Lib101
Tri-Quarterly 1979-2004 Full Text: Journal Website
Twentieth Century Literature 1991-2006 Full Text: ProQuest
US News & World Report 1988-2005 Print Only: Lib101
USA 1984-1991 Print Only: Lib101
Voices of Mexico 1991-1998 Print Only: Lib101
Wascana Review, The 1966-1975 Print Only: Lib101
Yale Review, The 1971-2001 Full Text: Wiley Online Library
Year's Work in English Studies, The 1946-2002 Bibliographic Records from 2001 to 2008: ProQuest
Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik 1959-1994 Print Only: Lib101
Zeitschrift für Kanada-Studien 1981-2010 Full Text: Journal Website








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