Linguistics and Communication Track

Linguistics and Communication Track

Undergraduate English majors at UD may decide to take courses mainly in linguistics in the final year of the B.A. Program. Students may choose the Linguistics and Communication Track in the spring semester of the second year of their undergraduate studies.
As a student of this track, you will study language from different perspectives, including research in the fields of syntax, semantics, child language, computational linguistics, sociolinguistics and second language acquisition. You will also be encouraged to seek out opportunities to conduct research with faculty, participate in various talent management programs and engage in the rich academic and social life of our department. As of Spring 2021 our students can also develop communicative skills by
working with students from Indiana University Bloomington (USA) on Zoom in the framework of a course that they complete in the track.
By completing courses in our track, you can also prepare for graduate studies in our M.A. in Linguistics.

Courses in the track

Students must complete 9 electives from the list of courses below.
The courses on offer vary each year depending on student interest and our faculty’s teaching schedules. Classes meet once a week for two hours.

Course code Title of course     Course category Number of credits Number of hours
BTAN40001BA Syntax and morphology seminar 3 2
BTAN40002BA Language acquisition seminar 3 2
BTAN31005BA-K3 Semantics and pragmatics seminar 3 2
BTAN40006BA-K3 Computers and language  seminar 3 2
BTAN40029BA Varieties of English seminar 3 2
BTAN40015BA Introduction to language teaching methods seminar 3 2
BTAN40025BA-K3 Topics in language research seminar 3 2
BTAN40016BA-K3 The study of sounds seminar 3 2
BTAN40017BA The social and discourse aspects of language seminar 3 2
BTAN40007BA Evaluation and assessment seminar 3 2
BTAN40022BA Child language seminar 3 2
BTAN40023BA The science of words seminar 3 2
BTAN40026BA Advanced topics in language studies seminar 3 2
BTAN40027BA      Experimental linguistics   seminar 3 2
BTAN40028BA Topics in digital humanities seminar 3 2

For further information about the "Linguistics and communication" track, please contact Erzsébet Balogh.

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