Thesis defences -North American literature and culture subprogram

Author Title Year Supervisor  
David Solway Random Walks: Elective Criticism (Practices of literary/critical mode of discourse) 1998 Dr. Abádi Nagy Zoltán  
Szalay Edina Gothic Thinking and female Individuation in the Fiction of Contemporary North American Women Writers 2000 Dr. Molnár Judit  
Tarnóc András The Dynamics of Present-day US Multiculturalism: A model-Based Study of Centrapetality and Centrifugality in Minority Aesthetics 2000 Dr. Virágos Zsolt  
Németh Lenke Mária “Al it is, it’s a Carnival”: Reading David Mamet’s Women with Bakhtin 2002 Dr. Abádi Nagy Zoltán  
Tóthné Espák Gabriella Federal Multicultural Policies and the Politics of Indigeneity in Canada and Australia between 1988-1992. 2003 Dr. Richard Nile  
Varró Gabriella Signifying in Blackface: The Pursuit of Minstrel Signs in American Literature 2005 Dr. Virágos Zsolt  
Szathmári Judit American Indians in Multicultural American Society 2006 Dr. Glant Tibor  
Dr. Bíróné Nagy Katalin Tale Novels in Contemporary native American Fiction 2007 Dr. Robert E. Bieder  
Harry Edward Bailey Representations of Back Religious Experience in Nineteenth-Century African American Writing 2009 Dr. Virágos Zsolt  
Dr. Csató Péter Antipodean Conversations: Rhetorical Strategies of Discursive Authority in Richard Rorty’s Metaphilosophy and Political Thought 2009 Dr. Abádi Nagy Zoltán  
Szabó Péter The Interplay of Space and Place: Zora Neale Hurston’s Cultural Spaces 2009 Dr. Abádi Nagy Zoltán  
Prohászka Rád Boróka Transgressing the Limit: Ritual Reenacted in Selected Plays by Edward Albee and Sam Shepard 2010 Dr. Donald E. Morse  
Matolcsy Kálmán "Confronting „the Boundless and Hideous Unknown”: Science, Categorization, and Naming in H. P. Lovecraft’s Fiction". 2011 Dr. Donald E. Morse  
Szabó-Fancsalszky Andrea Alice Munro’s Neo-Gothic: Short Fiction From the 1990s 2011 Dr. Szalay Edina  
Mathey Éva Chasing a Mirage: Hungarian Revisionist Search for US Support to Dismantle the Trianon Peace Treaty, 1920-1938 2012 Dr. Glant Tibor  
Szentkirályi Endre Hungarians in Cleveland 1951-2011: Then and Now 2013 Dr. Glant Tibor  
Venkovits Balázs "We Are Clearly Deceived at Home:" Inter-American Images and the Depiction of Mexico in Hungarian Travel Writing During the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century 2014 Dr. Glant Tibor  
Borbála Bökös Intermediality and Narrative Identity in Paul Auster's Ouvre 2015 Dr. Abádi Nagy Zoltán  
Márta Asztalos Cases of Patricide and (Self-)Fathering in Selected Novels of the American South 2016 Dr. Gabriella T. Espák  
Lénárt-Muszka Zsuzsanna

Mothers in the Wake of Slavery: The Im/possibility of Motherhood in Post-1980 African American Women's Prose

2021 Dr. Bülgözdi Imola  
Balogh Máté Gergely The United States of America through the Eyes of Hungarian State Security 1956-1989 2022 Dr. Abádi Nagy Zoltán  
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