Teacher training (5+1, 4+1)

Short description
With an extensive experience of training English teachers over several decades, the Institute offers high-level courses for participants of the 5+1/4+1-year English Teacher Training programme.
Foundation and disciplinary courses help students to achieve a high level of proficiency in English and provide a solid grounding in English linguistics, applied linguistics as well as English speaking literatures and cultures. To promote specialisation in specific areas, a wide range of optional courses are also on offer. In preparation for their future career as teachers of English, participants will learn about both the theory and practice of language learning and teaching through courses such as, for example, ELT methodology, second language acquisition, the mental lexicon, language testing and language technology and the classroom.

5+1 year programme
teacher of English language and culture (secondary school)
4+1 year programme
teacher of English language and culture (primary school)

Departments involved

The Department of English Language Pedagogy participates substantially in the English teacher training by offering theoretical and practical courses in Language Teaching Methodology and by providing support for the trainees’ school practices.

Objectives of the English teacher training programme

The goal of the programme is to train teachers with a high level of proficiency in English, who possess an acute awareness of the system of the English language,a thorough knowledge of the principles of second language teaching and learning,a wide repertoire of teaching techniques, a wide range of knowledge of literature, culture and history of English-speaking countries.
Participants will also be capable of undertaking independent and original investigations at PhD level if they wish to continue their studies.

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Further information
In case of inquires, please contact the head of the Department of English Language Pedagogy

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