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American Civilization
This seminar course is designed to improve first-year students’ language skills through acquainting them with some of the core topics of American civilization, including geography and regionalism, government, basic political concepts, politics and the Constitution, society, national holidays, and everyday life. Special emphasis will also be put on certain aspects of American English. Students will be graded on the strength of their class performance, an individual short lecture, short written assignments (response papers, text summary, etc.) and in-class tests (short tests and an end-term test).

American Culture and Institutions
This is a survey course, which serves as the foundation for all subsequent courses in American studies. Besides revisiting topics already encountered in the first-year language course titled “American Civilization,” the seminar provides opportunities for more in-depth analysis of American politics, regional identity, society, race relations, religion, myths, sports, media, and other topical issues of American life. Students will be graded on the strength of their class performance, response papers, individual short lectures, performance in the group debate and in-class tests.

History of the USA
These 3-credit parallel seminars are designed to serve as a basic introduction for English majors to the history of the United States of America. Please note that this course will, as it should, serve as the basis for all subsequent American Studies courses. Topics for discussion will range from the relations between England and her North American colonies and the War of Independence through the Civil War and the two world wars to the post-cold war era. Domestic and foreign affairs as well as social and cultural issues will be addressed in an attempt to help the students prepare for the in-class final exam.



University of Debrecen


Advanced Writing and Composition

American Civilization

American Culture and Institutions

Debating America

History of the United States of America

Introduction to American Civilization 1 and 2

Introduction to Hungarian Culture

Listening and Speaking in Business English

New Trends in Business English

Skills Development

Szakmai gyakorlat fordítóknak [Professional Practice for Translators]

US Foreign Policy

US-Hungarian Relations

Writing and Composition


Károli Gáspár University


19th and 20th Century Hungarian History

History of the USA

North American-Hungarian Relations

The American Society on Film

Topics from American History

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