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For non-English major undergraduates, the Institute of English and American Studies offers a BA specialization program worth 50 credits. The curriculum of this specialization covers 4 semesters, which means that, like in the case of the rest of the specializations, students can start taking it only in the third semester.

Choose our minor if you wish to

  • increase your command of the English language with the help of out Skills Development courses,
  • learn more about the structure of English, about English linguistics,
  • know more about the literatures and cultures of English-speaking countries,
  • acquire not only conventional material knowledge, but also a wide variety of aptitudes,
  • receive a diverse storehouse of knowledge about a multitude of fields — in English,
  • join the active and dynamic student life at the Institute of English and American Studies.

Admission requirement for this minor: Advanced-Level GCSE (emelt szintű érettségi) or a B2 complex English language exam.

English minor from 2020

Code Course name Length Req. Credit Előfeltétel Semester
  B. Közös modern filológiai modul          
BTAT103BA-K2 Bevezetés a nyelvtudományba 2 koll 2   3.

Bevezetés az irodalomtudományba 2 koll 2   3.
  C. Általános nyelvi modul          
BTAN18001BA Skills Development (Reading and Speaking) 2 gyj 3   3.
BTAN18002BA Skills Development (Speaking and Listening) 2 gyj 3   4.
BTAN18003BA Skills Development (Writing and Composition) 2 gyj 3   3.
BTAN18004BA Targeting the Verb Phrase 2 gyj 3   4.
  D. Bevezető anglisztikai szakmai modul          
BTAN18010BA The Structure of English : The Noun Phrase and The Verb Phrase 2 koll 3   3.
BTAN18007BA British Civilisation 2 gyj 3   3.
BTAN18009BA E. Nyelvi alapvizsga   koll 3 BTAN18001BA, BTAN18003BA 4.
  A. Nyelvi modul          
BTAN28000BA The English Sentence 2 koll 3   5.
  B. Nyelvészeti modul          
BTAN28012BA Introduction to Linguistics 2 gyj 2   5.
BTAN28011BA Introduction to Applied Linguistics 1 koll 3   6.
  C. Irodalmi-kulturális modul          
BTAN28003BA British Literature to 1945 2 koll 2   6.
BTAN28004BA Modern British Literature and Culture 1 2 gyj 3   5.
BTAN28005BA American Literature 2 2 gyj 2   4.
BTAN28006BA American Literature 3 2 koll 2   4.
  D. Történelmi-országismereti modul          
BTAN28007BA History of the British Isles 2 gyj 2 BTAN18007BA 4.
BTAN28009BA History of the USA 2 gyj 3   6.
BTAN28010BA American Culture and Institutions 2 gyj 3   5.

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