Gender Studies - Results of Courses and Students

GSC has been offering courses in an ever increasing number since other senior and more and more junior colleague joined the team. These courses are present at every level of studies, from BA through MA to Ph.D., and have always been popular with students, whether in a seminar or lecture format, whether required, required optional or optional. An introductory course on gender studies is currently a required component of the British Studies track in the BA programme, but interested students can have a great number of other, related courses as well. The tangible result of this interest of students is about one hundred degree theses and almost thirty extracurricular essays, some of the national prize-winners, written on related topics.

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The quality of teaching is also indicated by the fact that our students stand a good chance to do successful postgraduate studies. Several of them have managed to gain a prestigious scholarship as MA students at the Department of Gender Studies, Central European University, Budapest: Márta Kőrösi, Judit Garamvölgyi, Eszter Zimányi, Éva Kovács, Andrea Csiki, Viktória Soós, among others; Márta Kőrösi and Ágnes Györke even gained full or partial Ph.D.-grants at CEU. Furthermore, at IEAS, UD György Kalmár defended his Ph.D. thesis on gendered metaphors of truth in philosophical discourse in 2007, and in 2009 yet another Ph.D. was defended successfully, by Annamária Csatári, whose thesis was written on Margaret Drabble's and A.S Byatt's sister narratives.

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