Gender Studies Centre

About the Gender Studies Centre

Gender Studies Centre (GSC), a member organisation of AtGender, has come about as a result of the emergence of scholars at IEAS, UD who, although working in partly divergent disciplines like film studies, literary theory and criticism, linguistics, psychoanalysis, philosophy, visual culture, social history or nationalism studies, have a convergent interest, sharing the conviction that all walks of life are permeated by gender inscription, and that studying these gender inscriptions is a cutting-edge approach in current literary and cultural studies. Furthermore, the way and the consequences of this cultural inscription go beyond the realm of abstract knowledges called science or scholarship: they have an impact on how we live our everyday life, how we communicate with each other, what patterns of behaviour we adopt, how we manage our relationships, how we are positioned in the job market – in general: how we are positioned as subjects.

Cultural inscriptions, at the same time, do not mean any pre-determinism; quite the contrary: the very awareness that they are culturally and historically created and that they are not “naturally” given, provides a space for cultural critique, for a critical investigation of how and why notions of gender have come about, and what vested interests play a role in naturalising gender. The insights gained as a result of this investigation can be experienced as partly disturbing because taken-for-granted positions may be shaken; partly, however, the result may be exhilarating and liberating because age-old, but for many unsatifactory and unworkable automatisms can be done away with – both at the abstract and the everyday levels of knowledge. The task undertaken by staff members at GSC is to address these issues and to open up new vistas by offering a new set of theoretical and methodological tools for a critical investigation of various cultural phenomena.

Teaching staff

Former members:

  • Kiss Boglárka, Phd-student
  • Máté Éva Gyöngy, PhD-student
  • Szabó Orsolya, Phd-student
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