Gender Studies - Conferences and Publications

Conferences and publications

Gender Studies Centre and its members intend to participate in academic life actively. The range of their activities is indicated by their professional output (see individual CV-s and the list of gender-related publications). The Centre, however, has organised two international conferences as well. The conference: ‘Alternative Approaches to English-Language Cultures in the Nineteenth Century’ (Debrecen, September 1998) had a strong component in gender studies, including Patsy Stoneman's plenary lecture on Jane Eyre intertexts; whereas in the case of the conference ‘Woman as Subject, the Female Subject’ (Debrecen, April 2006) the main focus was on gendered subjectivity. Organising this conference was made easy by an enthusiastic team of student helpers.

These two conferences had further results, in the form of a volume each: Alternative Approaches to English-Speaking Cultures in the 19th Century. (Debrecen: Dept. of British Studies, 1999.), edited by Nóra Séllei and Tamás Bényei; and the best papers for the latter one were selected and edited for the volume A nő mint szubjektum, a női szubjektum. ([Woman as Subject, the Female Subject]. Orbis Litterarum. Debrecen: Kossuth Egyetemi Kiadó, 2007.) by Nóra Séllei, who also guest-edited a special issue of the Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies: Femininity and Subjectivity (9.1 [2003]), with an international pool of contributors.

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